Art Outsource Manager

Raleigh, NC
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Position: Art Outsource Manager

Department: Art

Supervisor of People: Yes

Summary: Imangi Studios is seeking a talented Art Outsource Manager to join our team and help create industry-leading mobile games!

The Art Outsource Manager supervises the end to end content development pipeline for all in-game content in Imangi’s products. In addition to directly managing internal 3D Artists, the Art Outsource Manager is also responsible for sourcing external studios, negotiating contracts, providing a first line of feedback on all incoming deliverables, and monitoring progress towards all upcoming content deadlines.


  • Generate content lists on behalf of the Art Director for in-game environments, characters, rewards, and any other assets necessary to complete the game. 

  • Source and evaluate external studios capable of delivering to the Art Director’s vision.

  • Craft statements of work and negotiate rates and deadlines with external studios.

  • Channel the Art Director while serving as a first line of defense for feedback on incoming deliverables.

  • Proactively identify and contribute to the solution of any problems in the content pipelines. 

  • Report progress towards content deadlines to project leadership. 

  • Manage the tasking and development of internal 3D art resources.


  • Experience managing external and internal content teams.

  • Keen eye for detail when reviewing content.

  • Specific and direct feedback skills.

  • Thorough knowledge of best practices for building 3D content for Unity.

  • Comfortable using Maya to create 3D assets.

  • Empathic listening skills.

  • Ability to effectively communicate status to project leadership.

  • Proven track record of reliably delivering results.

  • Positive attitude even when things don’t go according to plan.

Preferred Additional Experience:

  • Network of art outsourcing shops to draw from.

  • 5+ years of experience working in the capacity outlined above.

  • Comfort in a Scrum environment.

  • Previous experience as a 3D Artist and/or Project Manager.